Spaghetti Vinyl Loop Floor Mat, Vinyl, 36 X 60, Brown

by Crown Mats & Matting
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Unique Spaghetti vinyl-loop surface effectively scrapes dirt and mud off of shoe soles, helping you keep your carpets and flooring clean. Water-proof, loose-weave fibers are easy to shake or hose clean. Thick polypropylene-foam backing traps and hides moisture. Indoor/outdoor design accommodates light to medium traffic levels. Excellent in a wide variety of public and commercial environments: healthcare facilities, hotels, office buildings, churches, restaurants, etc.

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  • Unique Spaghetti vinyl-loop surface.
  • Easy to shake or hose clean.
  • Thick, moisture-absorbing polypropylene-foam backing.
  • Accommodates light to medium indoor/outdoor traffic.
  • Excellent in a wide variety of public and commercial environments.
  • Condition : New
  • Size : 38.000D x 6.750H x 6.750W
  • Color : Brown
  • Product Line : Indoor/Outdoor Mats
  • Product Type : Loop Floor Mat
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