The Cut Buddy Plus Perfect Hair & Beard Shaping Tool

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Multiple Curves - Curve Sizes/Angles instead of just 1! Don't limit yourself to one curve. We all have different size heads Always have a beard or hairline with perfect lines and curves Bonus tracing pencil with every product. Perfect for barbers and salons using hair fibers Works on beards, mustache, hairlines. Great tool for barbers and salons Flexible - The body of the product is flexible for adjusting to all hairlines/beard

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  • Free Speed
  • Tracer Barber Pencil
  • Built-in beard, mustache, and hair comb / Extra durable design with multiple grips for maximum trim angles and shapes
  • Longer curves to fit any head size, hairline shape, or beard curve
  • Multiple curve options look to help reduce beard and haircut trim mistakes
  • Condition : new
  • Product Type : Shaping Tool
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