Renpure Vitamin C & Omega 3 Conditioner 16 Oz

by Renpure
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Renpure Vitamin C & Omega 3 Conditioner 16 oz Vitamins are essential for healthy hair and our, Renpure Vitamin C & Omega 3 Conditioner, is full of these essential nutrients that sustains and enhances hair vitality and strength. This rich-conditioning formulation will help smooth the cuticle with a light seal of kiwi oil, providing more shine, moisture, and health.

  • Both nutrients are essential in repairing and increasing cuticle vitality.
  • Ultimately, hair will be more shiny, more radiant, and healthier with an infusion of our vitamin-rich shampoo.
  • Condition : New
  • Capacity : 16 Oz
  • Product Type : Hair Conditioner