Alba 4 3/4"H x 3 1/4"Q 13.25 Oz Whiskey Glasses

by Hospitality Glass
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Alba is Gaelic for Scotland, the collection pays tribute to the spiritual home of whisky. The elegant glasses are punctuated by a hand-engraved and cleverly deconstructed Tartan pattern. Each glass is heavy-bottomed, and each carefully tapers towards the brim, holding in the subtle aromas. The decanters, also incorporating the ingenious tartan etching, are punctuated by a unique stopper which leans omni-directionally, inviting the more dedicated whisky lover to point the stopper in the direction of Scotland.

  • Material : Glass
  • Size : 4 3/4"H x 3 1/4"Q
  • Capacity : 13 1/4 Oz.
  • Color : Clear
  • Shape : Round
  • Design : Alba
  • Product Line : Nude
  • Product Type : Whiskey Glasses
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