Skull 5"H 16 Oz Glasses,Case of 6

by Hospitality Glass
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Hospitality Glass offers Tiki & Specialty collections which continues to evolve with innovative and directional pieces, new materials, textures and colours that combine to make this our most exciting and versatile offering of all. Any cocktail menu can be given a real identity with distinct, original and inventive serves. The presence of cocktails is growing and more venues than ever before now boast a cocktail offering. Bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels are constantly being challenged to produce new and exciting drink recipes and ways to present these. Add texture, colour and striking shapes and materials to your repertoire to instantly liven up any menu. Challenge the conventional... it's time to get creative!

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  • Size : 5"H
  • Capacity : 16 Oz.
  • Design : Skull
  • Product Line : Hospitality Glass
  • Product Type : Goblet
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