6 Sq. x 6 5/8H 2 Cells Greenware On The Go Food Boxes, case of 300,Case of 300

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The perfect breakfast bite. A delectable lunch. Irresistible snacks and sweets. You can package them all beautifully and efficiently in crystal clear Greenware On The Go Boxes. They are compact; sturdy and shrink band compatible for tamper evidency. In three styles with one flat lid that fits all.

  • Made from Ingeo biopolymer; a PLA resin derived entirely from plants
  • Plant sources are domestically grown and annually renewable
  • 100 percent compostable
  • Crystal clear for total product visibility
  • Durable material; no flavor or odor transfer
  • Sturdy; crystal-clear containers in 1-; 2-;3-;4-cell designs with flat lid that fits all
  • Condition : New
  • Material : PLA
  • Size : 6 1/8 Sq. x 2 5/8 H
  • Product Line : On the Go
  • Product Type : Eco Friendly Food Container