Wella Color Charm Paints Semi-Permanent Haircolor Orange 2 Oz.

by Wella
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WELLA colorcharm PAINTS Intermixable SemiPermanent Hair Color. See It. Create It. colorcharm PAINTS are available in 22 shades of intermixable semipermanent hair color. Gentle acidic PH color, lasts up to 20 washes depending on shade and initial color intensity, and fades beautifully on tone. Use multiple colors side by side without foils, mix shades together to design your own shade, and control shade intensity by adding PAINTS Clear pastelizer. FREE OF PARABENS, AMMONIA AND PEROXIDE PAINTS contain no ammonia, peroxide or parabens. They are ready to go from tube to hair, with no developer needed. INTERMIXABLE COLORS Express yourself with a palette of the world's most wondrous colors, mixable to create any shade. Pick the colors you want, mix together or mix with the pastelizer to find a lighter shade if you desire. LASTS UP TO 20 WASHES PAINTS provides vibrant colors as creative as you are, for longlasting, fade resistant results. Once your masterpiece is created, the color will fade beautifully on tone, lasting up to 20 washes. The lighter your hair, the more visible your results will be. Get the perfect balayage by mixing: 1 part colorcharm PAINTING Lightener 1 2 parts colorcharm PAINTING Developer 2 in a nonmetallic bowl. 1. Section off a diamond area on top of the head for better accuracy. Apply as heavy or light as needed for the desired finished effect. 2. Rinse, shampoo and condition hair. 1. Section off the area above the nape back of the head closest to the neck area on both sides of the head in addition to the diamond area on the top of the head from STEP 1 for more accuracy when applying colorcharmPAINTS. 1. Starting at the nape, separate out 1/4" wide sections of hair and start applying Blue. 2. Continue working across the back, alternating between Blue, Purple, Teal, and Light Blue. 1. Continue on both sides until you reach the diamond section on top. 2. Apply Blue to the entire top diamond section. 3. Place the hair as it falls naturally. 4. Proccess for 20 minutes. 5. Rinse only, do not shampoo and style as desired.

  • Lasts up to 20 washes depending on used shade and initial color intensity
  • Use multiple colors side by side even without foils
  • Mix shades together to design your own shade
  • Control shade intensity by adding Clear
  • Fades beautifully on tone
  • Condition : New
  • Capacity : 2 Oz.
  • Color : Orange
  • General Color : Orange
  • Product Line : Color Charm
  • Product Type : Hair Color