China Glaze Crackle Metals Nail Polish, Oxidized Aqua 80766

by African Pride
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Oxidized Aqua - A deep, aquamarine blue.Directions:1. Apply 1 to 2 layers of your favorate nail polish and let it completely dry.2. Apply a layer of the crackled nail polish and let that completely dry for 3-5 minutes.3. Apply a top coat to seal the polish.


Ethyl Acetate, SD Alcohol - 40B, Adipic Acid / Neeopentyl, Glycol / Trimllitic, Anhydride Copolymer, Butyl Acetate, Silica, Nitrocellulose, Isopropyl, Alcohol, Steraralkonium Hectorite, Stearalkonium, Bentonte Sucrose, Acetate Isobutyrate, Trimethyl, Pentanyl, Diisobutyrate, Ethyl Tosymide, Kaolin

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  • 220 strand brush provides easy application.
  • Flexible & will not chip.
  • Greatest coverage & fashion shades.
  • Non-thickening formula.
  • Condition : new
  • Product Type : Nail Polish
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