Clairol Demi Hair Color Light Neutral Blonde 8N, 2 Oz.

by African Pride
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Clairol Professional Soy 4 Plex Creme Demi Permanente Hair Color 8N Light Neutral Blonde 2 oz This demi-permanente formula delivers color so luminous it reflects. Exclusive SOY4PLEX formula boosts shine up to 65%,* and nourishes and smoothes hair. Our crme demi-permanente hair color is deposit-only and can be used to enhance, deepen or refresh color to eliminate dullness. The no-ammonia formula is gentle enough to be used immediately after relaxing hair. Best for bowl-and-brush application. Benefits include: Deep Conditioning SOY4PLEX formula. 18 intermixable shades. 4 tonal pillars. 3 mix tones. Dedicated developer. 46 tonally complementary crme permanente shades.

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  • Clairol , Demi-permanent , Kit ,Light Neutral Blonde
  • Condition : new
  • Capacity : 2 Oz.
  • Product Line : Demi Hair Color
  • Product Type : Hair Color
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