Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Colour, Lavender 54, 5.07 Oz.

by African Pride
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Crazy Color offers a professional result and deep, bright shades without commitment. Ideal for those who want to test a color before moving to the oxidation coloring or to change their look for an evening for example. Easy and fast to apply, the CRAZY COLOR coloring gives peps to all your desires and pushes the limits of coloring! It does not require mixing with an oxidizer and can last up to several shampoos.


May contain: (+/-) of Aqua, ceryl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, PEG-20 stearate, citric acid, ceteareth-20, formic acid laurylpyridinium chloride, methyl paraben, CI48013, basic blue k, CI48056, CI51004, CI42000, CI42535, diazacianine, CI48054, CI44045, CI48016, CI11085, CI21010, CI42510, acetic acid, ethylene glycol.

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  • Lasts between 3-9 weeks on bleached hair, depending on the shade chosen.
  • Hair color will add energy and shine to natural hair or glowing colors on light bleached hair.
  • The more porous the hair, the more vibrant and longer-lasting the color will be.
  • For exotic, vibrant colors, bleach hair to the light yellow stage and apply crazy color cream without the addition of any other substances.
  • Comes in outer box containing 4 x 3.3oz bottles.
  • Condition : new
  • Capacity : 5.07 Oz.
  • Product Type : hair color
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