Headwrap Ballerina Wide

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Incredibly, one small detail, like a hairpin can completely change your image, give it a gloss and mystery. Headbands are an indispensable attribute for her. It doesn`t matter if you have short or long hair, the hair tie should always be there. With hair elastic bands, it is possible to emphasize your style by choosing an elastic to match the color of clothes, or even stand out from the crowd by purchasing an unusual shape or color elastic. Also mens headband should first of all be attractive and comfortable.

  • Rhinestone headband adopt unique design and don`t hurt the scalp when it is used. Cheetah ears the best to wear for a party, wedding, event or day by day!
  • Jelly thin leather headband make you charmer and elegant. Made with quality crystals, hand-crafted, and beautiful color combination.
  • Rhinestone jewelry sets are a perfect gift for your lovers. Unicorn headband cat ears headband are good for going party, banquet, wedding and Christmas.
  • Nylon headbands are easy to handle. Sports print ear pony headband adopts unique design and does not hurt the scalp when it is used.
  • variety of choice: bow headband, crown headband, flower headbands, elastic headband, tiara headband.
  • Condition : New
  • Product Type : Headwrap