Cero Caida Treatment Au20 16oz

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Cero Caida Treatment Au20 021045 16oz


natural formula with essential active agents (Urtica diotica, Cinnamon Olea european Oil and Fibro active)

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  • The fall of the hair is produced by weaknesses of the scalp caused by external agents and for the scalp dehydration.
  • the Treatment Cero Caida, stabilizes the pH giving deep moisturizing to the scalp, retaining the humidity, strengthening the hair and helping to prevent the hair fall.
  • Apply after the shampoo, the Treatment CeroCaida Maravisus, on the clean hair, massage for 15 minutes and then retire with plenty water.
  • Apply with aniron hair or take the dryer if you prefer.
  • Condition : new
  • Capacity : 16 Oz
  • Product Type : Hair Treatment
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