Difeel Ultra Growth Basil & Castor Hair Growth Oil 2.5 Oz

by Difeel
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Thinning hair and hair loss can cause your self-image to sag but now you can fight back with Ultra Growth Basil and Castor Oil Hair Growth Oil. Restore your hair's beauty and get stronger thicker and longer-lasting hair. This nature-based essential oils for hair works with your own body chemistry to revitalize strengthen and protect your hair. Basil and castor oil for hair works on balding and receding hair too. The easy to use hair regrowth oil is formulated with basil and castor oil both scientifically proven to promote hair growth. Each application stimulates and nourishes hair follicles and your scalp to encourage hair growth. To use place several drops into the palms of your hands. Rub palms together and apply evenly through hair starting at the scalp.

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  • Features a basil and castor oil formula that Stimulates hair growth 98% natural 18 months expiration Made in U.S.A.
  • Basil oil is extremely beneficial to speed up hair growth. Massaging basil oil improves scalp circulation, that stimulates hair follicles and promotes the production of new healthy hair all over again.
  • Castor oil improves blood circulation at the scalp, ensuring better nutrition for the hair follicles. This acid also helps balance the pH of the scalp. Castor oil is rich in antioxidants that support the keratin in hair, making it smoother, stronger, and less frizzy.
  • Promotes growth while smoothing each hair follicle preventing future breakage
  • Blend of basil and castor oil helps combat brittle rough and damaged hair
  • Capacity : 2.5 Oz
  • Product Type : Hair Oil