Wavebuilder Natural Wave Pomade 3 Oz

by Wavebuilder
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Wavebuilder products are specifically made for those with curly to extremely curly hair. These type of textured hair have the ability to develop into a stylish wave pattern. Three main wavebuilder products will help one style and hold a maximum wave result. Wavebuilder pomade, Gels, holding cream, and texturizer will keep the style intact. Moreover, the correct use of brushing is a vital maintenance process that needs much attention.

  • Healthy hair & scalp formula promotes natural looking hair waves
  • Specifically made for those with curly to extremely curly hair
  • The more you train your hair the more waves you get
  • Rub small amount between hands and massage throughout hair and scalp
  • Brush every time after applying for best results
  • Condition : New
  • Capacity : 3 Oz
  • Product Type : Pomade