Cambridge Square, Square Plate 10"Sq. X 1"H, Porcelain, White

by CAC China
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Square Plate 10",Porcelain

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  • Made from natural palm leaf 100 % Eco friendly
  • EXTRA STURDY - Best Used For- Simply Urbane palm ware is Light, Attractive & Won't break even if it falls on the floor. That makes it great for Kids Birthday Party. Its also perfect for Catering, Restaurant, Weddings, Picnis and Camping. You may use it for Eat-on- Table format or for buffet dinners.
  • Made from Natural palm leaf 100% ECO-FRIENDLY
  • Each palm leaf is completely hygienic and has been prepared without the use of chemicals, dyes, or resins
  • Condition : new
  • Material : Porcelain
  • Size : 10"Sq. X 1"H
  • Color : White
  • Shape : Square
  • Product Line : Cambridge Square
  • Product Type : Platter