Procell by Duracell C-cell Alkaline-manganese Dioxide Battery, 12/PK

by Procter And Gamble
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Rely on Duracell PROCELL batteries to provide dependable longlasting power for important batteryoperated devices used in the workplace. Duracell recognizes that professionals place special demands on their batteries. In most cases there is no room to secondguess the batteries that you rely on to power missioncritical electronic devices. PROCELL provides a full line of industrialgrade power solutions designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability. PROCELL is manufactured to rigid specifications to meet some of the highest standards of durability and longevity that professional users demand and expect.

  • All-purpose industrial battery
  • Ideal for mid-and-low-drain professional devices
  • Reliable, long-lasting power
  • Made using superior cell design
  • Individually date-coded for convenience
  • Operates between -4 deg. F to 129.2 deg. F
  • Condition : New
  • Product Type : Battery