100% Human Hair Full Wig Side Lace Part,DR1B/350

by It is a Wig
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WE ARE WIG MAKERS.Our goal is to make our customers happy and confident with how they look in our wigs. As one of the world's coveted truths state, �the more, the merrier�. The wig-makers at It's A Wig! target a very wide range of customers and demographics. Our wigs are for all types of women: Friend, Daughter, Mother, Wife, and Grandmother. In other words, we style wigs for women seeking comfort, trendiness, natural appearance, and of course, beauty!WE ARE GROUNDBREAKERS.We try to make the style of It's A Wig! for fashionable women. Young ladies deserve to wear wigs that accentuate their style and love for beauty. Elderly woman deserve the same. Our wigs can be worn by any age group despite their style or color. Who says our SASSY MAMA is only for mothers? Busy women working in NYC's fashion district and older grandmothers can both wear CLUB GIRL. We appreciate our customers' refined tastes in wigs so we make sure to have the latest fashion trends available.WE ARE ARTISANS.To satisfy our wide-range of customers, It's A Wig!is super flexible in terms of our use and affordability. Our wigs are carefully and artistically designed for easy wear and self-styling. Our customers can enjoy our various quality artisan-made at affordable prices.

  • A full wig with lace side part.
  • A pixie cut with a finger wave flare/a flawless lace part to mimic a realistic parting space.
  • The 100% human hair version of our popular syn nuna style.
  • Able to apply mousse and conditioner to human hair to shape and finish the finger wave of human hair
  • Super easy to reform and stylish.
  • Condition : New
  • Material : Remi human hair
  • Size : Short
  • Color : DR1B/350
  • Design : DR1B/350
  • Product Line : 100 Percent Human Hair
  • Product Type : Wig