Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig, S Lace Front Wig (13 X 6 Knots By Hand),Platinum blonde

by It is a Wig
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Care Instructions:Detangle hair before washing.Push on the wig with mild conditioning shampoo.You want the hair gently and avoid pulling or chafing.Rinse and condition allowing the water to pass through.Pat dry access waterSoft finger brush and place hair on flat surface to dry.Blow dry naturally or blow dry.Wig care tips.For curly wigs, the net can be attached during air drying.Don't sleep on damp hair.Use curls or iron only when hair is completely dry.Use a wide-tooth comb for waves and a shovel brush for straight lines

  • Synthetic hair wig
  • 13" x 6" deep lace parting area
  • Multiple parting options
  • Natural hand knotting lace frontal
  • Natural hair-line
  • Baby hair for natural hairline edges
  • Condition : New
  • Material : Synthetic
  • Size : 13"x6"
  • Color : Platinum blonde
  • Design : 613
  • Product Line : Natural Hairline S Lace
  • Product Type : Wig