EBW Palm Festivalware Tray

by Bamboo Studio
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14"L x 10"W Oval Dinner Plates(Pack of 10);11"L x 8"W Rec. Platters(Pack of 10);12"L x 8"W Rec. Trays(Pack of 10);14"L x 10"W Rec. Trays(Pack of 10);16"L x 10"W Rec. Trays(Pack of 10);;


Our Palm products are made from 100% natural palm leaf plates. The production process doesn�t require added chemicals or heavy infrastructure. After use, the plates can be left on the ground where they compost in around 8 months. The plates can also be burned without the fear of releasing chemicals.The production process doesn�t require cutting or harming of the trees. The whole process is natural and environmentaly friendly from beginning to end.

  • Product Line : Palm Festivalware
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