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Nadinola Deluxe Soap for Oily Skin 3 Oz.

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Nadinola deluxe soap for oily skin deluxe nadinola soap is especially formulated from coconut oil and is recommeded for people with oily skin problems. Its luxurious lather has a deep cleaning action that helps rid the skin of excess oils, dirt and make-up. Used daily, deluxe nadinola soap cleans, refreshes and conditions oily skin, helps protect against blemishes and blackheads. Size: 3 Oz.

  • - Removes Grime, Dust & Oily Film From Skin
  • - Lathers Freely, Cleanses Thoroughly & Rinses Off Easily
  • - Deluxe Nadinola Soap cleans,refreshes and conditions oily skin


coconut oil

  • SKU 33765421913

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