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Via Natural Jojoba Natural Oil for Skin and Hair 1 Oz.

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pstrongJojoba Oil is an oil which functions very similar to human body oil, is easily absorbed without clogging the pores, and provides ample moisture to give a youthful, dewey look to the skin . Jojoba oil is oftennbspadded to other carrier oils to prolong shelfnbsp/strongUse as desired for massage, skincare, or haircare. A small amount of Via NaturalnbspBlend or Natural Oils go along way, so use sparingly. For added aromatic benefit, add a drop of Via Natural Essential Oils to Via Natural Blend and Natural Oilsbrnbsp/ppstrongIngredients/strongnbspSimmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil./ppstrongAroma/strong Light, Nutty./ppstrongBenefits/strong Nourishing, protective. Great for sensitive or oily skin./ppstrongEssential Oils/strong/ppIndulge in the healing and calming benefits of aromatherapy withnbspstrongVia Natural/strong nbspstrongEssential Oils./strong/ppstrongSKINCAREnbsp/strongAdd Essential Oils to Via NaturalnbspCarrier Oils (such as Vitamin E Oil or Grapeseed Oil) or to distilled water and apply to skin or hair. Do not apply undiluted Essential Oils directly onto the skin./ppstrongROOM SPRITZERS/strong Add 5-15nbspdrops of Via NaturalnbspEssential Oil per ounce of water. Shake before use.nbsp/ppstrongOIL BURNERnbsp/strongFill burner bowl with water and add 3-5 drops of Via NaturalnbspEssential Oil./ppstrongDIFFUSER/strong Follow the diffuser s suggested instructions.nbsp/p

  • - Ingredients Simmondsia chinesis () Jojoba Seed Oil.
  • - For skin and hair
  • - It is a jojoba oil oil that functions very similar to human body oil, is easily absorbed without clogging the pores, and provides ample of moisture to give a jojoba oil carrier is often added to other oils to prolong the useful life
  • - Apply small amount of jojoba oil daily to help provide moisturizing for skin, hair and scalp all day.


Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil.

  • SKU 33572423580

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