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By Natures 100 Nat African Black Soap Tea Tree 3.5 Oz.

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Helps to relieve acne and remove blemishes, prevent rashes, itching, dry and scaly skin from developing, and clean pores and rejuvenates skin leaving your body fresh and clean. Tea tree oil is a popular oil soothes your itchy scalp and also help to prevent from many hair problems like dandruff, cradle cap, baldness, psoriasis, head lice, etc.

  • - Helps to relieve acne and remove blemishes
  • - Prevents rashes and itching
  • - Prevents hair issues such as dandruff, cradle cap, and head lice
  • - Rejuvenates the skin leaving the body feeling fresh and clean


Plantain Peels, Cocoa Pods, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Peppermint oil

  • SKU 33626425271
  • Common ColorBlack

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