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Cello-O-Core Jumbo Straws 5.75'' Black Unwrapped, 250/PK

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Cell-O-Core carries a wide range of straws ideal for restaurants, cafeterias, ice cream shops, and more. A variety of sizes are available giant, jumbo, and sip straws. This sizing refers to the diameter of the straw. Sip straws are very narrow and are ideal for savoring cocktails and strong drinks. A great addition to any bar, restaurant, or lounge. Jumbo straws are the diameter of standard straws. They are the size of straw that are typically found in fast food restaurants. Giant straws have a slightly larger diameter than jumbo straws. AmerCare brand straws vary from 5.5 to 10.25 in length. This makes it easy to find a straw to drink from almost any cup or glass.

  • - BULK PACKAGING These straws come without a wrapper. Customers and staff can simply grab what they need and go. There is no need for extra waste.
  • - STANDARD OPENING The inside diameter of these straws is 0.22". This is about the same size as most straws served at fast food restaurants. Perfect for soft drinks, water, and cocktails.
  • - BARS, RESTAURANTS, OR FAST FOOD These straws are perfect for general use in any dining establishment. Straws are an essential item for any bar, restaurant, and this variety is a great choice for a standard drinking straw.
  • - BASIC BLACK These straws are black in color. They are a great option for adding to bright and colorful drinks. They provide convenience without distracting from the appeal and appearance of your carefully crafted cocktails.
  • - THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR MOST DRINKS Jumbo straws are considered your typical straw. They have been designed for drinks that are 100 liquid like water, juice, or soda.
  • SKU 34460451706
  • Size 5.75"
  • Common ColorBlack

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