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Toppik Hair Thickener, Colored, Black, Dry Formula 5.1 Oz

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Toppik Colored Hair Thickener is an innovative colored hair spray solution designed to disguise areas of thin hair or thinning hair, scalp show-through, bald spots and root regrowth between hair coloring appointments. There are countless reasons to use Toppik hair care products, and this dark brown hair spray is no exception. Don’t let thinning hair knock your confidence, this easy-to-use hair fill in spray will keep your hair looking beautiful by instantly filling in thin areas. The unique pigments of this hair thickening spray will seamlessly match your hair color and hide any exposed scalp that you want to keep covered. Not only will this hair care for women and men keep your hair looking it’s best, but it will give the appearance of fuller, thicker hair so you can continue being your confident self. The Toppik Colored Hair Thickener spray can help with covering wider areas of thinning hair, as well as scalp show-through and even bald spots. On top of covering larger spots of thinning hair, you can use this colored hair spray as a root touch up or to fill in any hairlines, areas with baby hairs, or extension tracks. This lightweight, long-lasting hair thickener is gentle on the scalp, safe for everyday use and available in 4 shades so that you can find the color that works best for you. These cruelty free and vegan hair thickening products for women and men are made with a secure bond and innovative technology so that they resist wind, rain, and perspiration. You no longer need to worry about your hair product staying in place. Even though this colored hair thickener has the ability to withstand numerous situations, it won’t clog your pores and it easily shampoos out of your hair. Toppik has a long history and is trusted by both professional stylists and users. The results have changed the hair industry, and have been touted as must-have hair products for decades

  • - One 5.1 oz spray can of Toppik Colored Hair Thickener
  • - A colored hair spray designed to cover areas of thin or thinning hair, scalp showthrough, and even bald spots
  • - A hair thickener that can even be used as a hair touch up spray for your roots or when you need to cover root regrowth between colorings
  • - Hair thickening spray made with unique pigments to seamlessly match your hair color and hide any exposed scalp
  • - Hair care for men and women made with a secure bond and innovative technology to keep your hair looking good by resisting wind, rain, and perspiration
  • - Instantly conceal scalp showthrough and make thinning hair look full and thick with this colored spray
  • SKU 33982423517
  • ColorBlack
  • Common ColorBlack

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