Spa Pedicure Box Chamomile 6 Steps

by US Crystal
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sed in the medical field for its healing and therapeutic properties, chamomile extract will aid in balancing damaged or rough skin as well as an effective therapy for anxiety

  • Step 1 - SOAK: Relax in chamomile extract with luxuriate aroma therapy
  • Step2 - SCRUB: Gently massage with Sugar Scrub over feet and legs; exfoliating the impurities; unveiling youthful skin
  • Step 3 - NOURISHING MASK: Lather the mask over legs and feet; savoring the tingling sensation.
  • Step 4 - MASSAGE CREAM: Generously massage feet and legs with cream; soothing tired muscles.
  • Step 5 - MOISTURIZING CREAM: Apply the hydrating cream that leaves the skin and senses refreshed and skin moisturized.
  • Step 6 - HEALING BALM: Finish by applying the healing balm that will replenish key minerals and leave the skin feeling restored.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Hydrates and heals
  • Condition : new
  • Product Line : Cosmo Spa
  • Product Type : Spa Pedicure
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