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Canviiy Scalp Bliss on The Go Mini Tube 0.17 Oz.

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Whether at work, in class or relaxing with friends. You can avoid the embarrassing scalp itch when on-the-go. The ScalpBliss On-the-Go Mini Tube is designed to instantly soothe and calm an itchy scalp with precise targeted delivery during your busiest days. This lightweight, non-runny serum is enriched with powerful natural botanicals of aloe vera, lavender, witch hazel, manuka honey, jojoba and peppermint oil to give your scalp a blissful long-lasting itch-free feeling. Perfect for dry irritated itchy scalp, hair extensions, weaves, hair color (dye), naturally curly, braids, twists, dreads & updo styles

  • - Blissful long-lasting itch-free feeling
  • - Fast-acting cool sensation
  • - Lightweight, non-greasy
  • - Non-runny, easy to apply


Phthalates Paraffin Gluten, Mineral, Synthetic Alcohol Cruelty No Animal Testing, Formaldehyde, Organic, Paraben Perfume

  • SKU 34929466829

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